To know and respect these blessed days and nights and to observe these occasions is most certainly an opportunity for gaining the Pleasure of Allah.

The Islamic/Hijri Calendar is based on Lunar Months.

The Islamic/Hijri Date starts with Sunset / Maghreb.

Islamic/Hijri Months
    1. Muharram
    2. Safar
    3. Rabi ul Awwal
    4. Rabi ul Akhir
    5. Jumada al Awwal
    6. Jumada al Thani
    7. Rajab
    8. Shabaan
    9. Ramadan
    10. Shawwal
    11. Zul Qadah
    12. Zul Hijjah

The Days and Nights Regarded as Blessed in Islam are:

    - Friday / Juma

    - the day before and the day of the Eid Al Fitr (Ramadhan Festival)

    - the day before and the day of Eid Al Adha (Animal Sacrifice)

    - the first ten days of the month of Muharram

    - the day of Ashura (the tenth day of the month of Muharram)

    - the day of the Mawlid (the Holy Prophet's birthday)

    - the first night of the month of Rajab

    - the night of Raghaib

    - the night of Miraj (Ascension)

    - the night of Baraa (the fifteenth of the month of Shabaan)

    - the night of Qadr (Night of Power)

    - the last ten days of the month of Ramadhan

    - the first ten days of the month of Dhul Hijjah (Hajj)

Friday / Juma

    The day of Friday/Juma and the preceding night are especially blessed, because Allah Almighty opens the gates of mercy for His servants and delivers them from Hellfire. Whoever shows respect for the day of Juma and the preceding night, will be forgiven all the sins he committed during the week. Moreover, there is one propitious hour on Juma when all prayers are most certainly accepted, but Allah Almighty has hidden the knowledge of this hour from His servants.


    Fasting in Ramadan is obligatory in any case, and there are great rewards for fasting the first nine days of the month of Dhul Hijjah, and at least the ninth and tenth day of the month of Muharram. It is an Islamic custom to celebrate the new year on the first day of Muharram, as it is the beginning of the Hijri year. Whoever observes this custom can expect his affairs to prosper during the coming year.

The Eid Days

    The most blessed days of the year are the first day of the Eid Al Fitr, the Feast of Fast Breaking, and the days of the 'Eid Al Adha' the Feast of Sacrifices. On these days Allah Almighty showers His mercy upon the believers and delivers them from punishment. As much as one honors these days, in that measure one attains these gifts of mercy.

The Ninth day of Dhul Hijjah

    The ninth day of Dhul Hijjah is the day before the feast of the Eid and it is a highly blessed day, the day on which the pilgrims ascend Mount 'Arafat'. Once a year, on this very day Allah Almighty opens a Sea of Mercy and gazes upon the honored pilgrims. By the mercy descending with that Divine Gaze upon that place, all the honored pilgrims are cleansed of their sins.

Day of Ashura

    This is the tenth day of the month of Muharram and it is a very blessed day. There is a sacredness to this day on which the support and grace of Allah Almighty reached to His prophets and holy ones, and when victory and triumph were achieved for the believers. It was on this day that Prophet Noah/Nuh (AS) found dry land after the waters of the Flood receded. It is narrated that he stayed aboard the Ark and cooked a meal from the remaining provisions, called Ashure, with which he and his companions broke their fast. This commendable religious custom has been preserved to this very day, and Ashura is still prepared and distributed to the poor and to close friends and neighbors.

Day of the Mawlid (the Holy Prophet's birthday)

    It was on the twelfth night of the month of Rabi ul Awwal that our Holy Prophet was born into this world. It is a most holy and blessed occasion. Some religious scholars even regard this night as being of greater significance and holier than the Night of Power/Qadr. In this night our Prophet honored this world with his presence, spreading mercy upon all worlds, and filling the whole world with light.

First Night of the month of Rajab

    In the Muslim world this night is regarded as a very holy night. During this sacred night, Allah Almighty opens the gates of mercy for His servants and grants their wishes. In this night their prayers are accepted.

Night of Raghaib

    The first Thursday night in Rajab is known to the Muslim world as the night of Raghaib (wishes, desires). It is a very holy night. Along with the mercies dispensed on this night Allah Almighty showers endless gifts upon His believing servants.

Night of Miraj (Ascension)

    This is the 27th night of the month of Rajab. It is the night in which our Holy Prophet travelled from Mecca to Jerusalem (al-Quds) by supernatural means as a miracle and from there ascended to the heavens to witness the Divine Realms and manifestations. During that night, Allah Almighty showed the Seven Heavens, the Divine Throne and the Divine Court, Paradise and Hell to our Holy Prophet, just as they are. Also in this night the Holy Prophet came to behold the Divine Beauty of Allah Almighty and conversed with Him. In this night Allah also made the five daily prayers obligatory for His servants.

Night of Baraa

    This is a most sacred night which falls on the 15th night of the month of Shabaan. In this night all that is to happen in the whole world until the evening of the Baraa of the following year is decreed and written.

    - Azrail is given a list of names of those who are going to die;
    - Jibrail is given the list of the coming wars, other violent occurrences;
    - Mikail is given the list of rain to fall, crops that are to grow and similar

    In this night, the believers are given their warrant for Paradise, and the unbelievers are given their warrant for Hell.

    This night is a very blessed night in which our Holy Prophet was given permission to intercede for his nation; Divine Mercy will be extended from sunset up until the dawn. Supplications made during this night will be accepted.

    Allah's mercies during this night will be for everyone and accessible to all except the four groups of people who are exempt from these mercies:

    1. Those practicing magic;
    2. Those committing adultery/fornication;
    3. Those not repenting of drinking alcohol;
    4. Those showing hostility to a fellow believer.

Night of Qadr (Night of Power)

    This Night of Qadr (Night of Power) is regarded as the most blessed night of the year. Any worship performed during this night is more valuable than the worship of a thousand months in which the Night of Power does not occur. However, Allah Almighty has kept secret which night will be that holy night. The wisdom in this is so that every night might be respected and that the believers might not neglect the obligations of their servanthood during other nights.

    Since the Night of Power was seen to have occurred during the last ten nights of Ramadan, in particular on the 27th night of this month, this night is generally celebrated as the Night of Power. This night is indeed a most sacred one, for it was on this blessed night that Allah Almighty first began to reveal the Holy Quran as a beacon of guidance for all the worlds. Wishes are granted during this night by the hosts of blessed angels who descend from the heavens.

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